Mon Carul

Mon Carul

Sister Mary: “Why you did not write another book?”
Jep: “I was looking for the great beauty… But I never found it”
Sister Mary: “Do you know why I eat only roots?”
Jep: “No… No, why?”
Sister Mary: “Because roots are important…”

From Paolo Sorrentino's movie “The Great Beauty” (2013)

In our dialect, Montecalvo Versiggia is called Mon Carul. This name is formed by two synonyms: the Latin word mons (mountain) and car (a word used by the ancient Ligures to indicate a mountain).

Stefano wanted to create a brand for our wines from indigenous grapes (Croatina, Barbera, Uva Rara, Moradella) and the international ones which have been grown for a long time in Oltrepò Pavese (Riesling, Riesling Italico, Pinot Noir). This project is informed by the principles of organic farming, use of renewable sources of energy and sustainable farming practices.

Our winery is certified organic since 2019. Our ambition for the future is to bring out the very best from our indigenous grapes, fully understanding their peculiarities and potential, because they have deep roots in Oltrepò Pavese history.