Rosso Perorossino - Photo

Vino Rosso
Still red wine from indigenous grapes

Vinibuoni d'Italia 2023 - Corona - Perorossino 2017

From our sunniest and oldest vineyard comes this blend of indigenous grapes (Croatina, Barbera, Uva Rara, Nibiö and Moradella), the purest expression of the very soul of our land. The yield per hectare is extremely low and the rich and fully concentrated grapes of this 70-years old vineyard are perfect for creating a great, full bodied red wine.

After the harvest, which usually takes place in late September or early October, the must is fermented in stainless-steel tanks. After a 20-day maceration, the wine is aged in big oak barrells for about 1 year. Bottled in summer, it further ages in bottle for a few months.

Each grape gives a peculiar contribution to this wine with Moradella and Nibiö providing notes of red fruits jam and spices, Croatina adding good tannins and Barbera bringing a great deal of acidity. Our Perorossino is the perfect companion for traditional lunch and dinners, where the warmth of the fireplace and the voices of friends and family are as essential as game dishes and stewed meat. Best enjoyed at 18 °C.