Inganno 572 Brut

Mon Carul Inganno 572 Brut

Inganno 572 Brut
VSQ Riesling Metodo Classico
Metodo Classico sparkling wine

Pavia, 572 A.D. It’s Easter eve and Alboin, king of the Longobards, finally conquered the city after a terrible 3 years siege. The people of Pavia, fearing his ruthless vengeance, tried to gain favour with the new king giving him gold, jewels and 12 beautiful virgins as gifts. An old baker added a dove-shaped cake to the gifts. Being Easter time, he begged the king to be merciful with the citizens and to respect the dove (colomba), symbol of peace. Alboin consented to the strange request of the old baker, but soon became aware of the trick: when he kept asking the name of the virgins, they all replied “My name is Colomba”. Even if fooled, Alboin kept the promise.

This Metodo Classico sparkling wine from Riesling Italico grapes ages just 9 months on the lees and is our homage to the ancient legend. His golden colour and the fresh, pure notes of Reinette apple evoke the 12 virgins, while its mineral character and smooth taste reflect Alboin’s temper: a tough, but good-hearted man. Enjoy it as a pre-meal drink at 6-8 °C, making a stop in Alboin street in Pavia, observing the quiet flowing of the Ticino river.