Environmental sustainability

Our environmental sustainability practices

- in the vineyard

  • organic management of the vineyards using organic manure and non-chemical products
  • use of the green manure technique to conserve biodiversity and to safeguard the health of the vines
  • grass cover between rows of vines to compact and protect the soil
  • reduction of water waste with the creation of wells for the collection of rainwater to be used for the treatments
  • use of weather stations to identify the best days for the treatments and avoid waste of products
  • use of technologically advanced instruments to reduce accumulation of copper in the soil
  • use of seed-bombs to enhance biodiversity in our soil

- in wine-making

  • use of a photovoltaic system to ensure energy self-sufficiency
  • use of light-weighted bottles (less than 400 g) to reduce glass waste
  • use of Stelvin caps in recyclable aluminium for still wines to reduce consumption of cork
  • use of certified recycled paper for labels and packaging to reduce paper consumption
  • reuse of agricultural waste

- in our restaurant service

  • recycle of waste oil to produce sustainable energy
  • water served in recyclable glass bottles
  • use of eco-friendly packages for food take away
  • separate waste collection of paper and glass
  • use of local food raw materials to reduce CO2 emissions
  • use of just two glasses for the tastings to reduce the use of washing machines and detergents
  • commitment to raise awareness of sustainability values in our customers
  • use of QR codes to reduce paper consumption