Michél Extra Brut

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Michél Extra Brut
Oltrepò Pavese Metodo Classico DOCG Pinot Nero
Metodo Classico sparkling wine

Michél is dedicated to Michele, the youngest member of the Calatroni family. Michele, Nora and Emma (to whom our NorEma is dedicated) are the eight generation of our family to farm the land in the Versa Valley.

This Metodo Classico sparkling wine is produced from a base wine that is a cuvée of all the estate vineyards of Pinot Noir. In some vineyards we use French Pinot Noir clones, while in others we have experimented with Italian clones studied specifically for the Oltrepò Pavese region. The time of harvest for each vineyard is decided when the grapes have reached the technological ripeness. The grapes are hand-harvested, put in 20 kg plastic boxes to avoid crushing and overheating and lightly pressed (the grape/must yield is about 45-50%).

The grapes of each vineyard are vinified separately and the resulting wines are blended in a cuvée. The cuvée is bottled for the secondary fermentation in April or May. After the natural bubbles formation, the Pinot Noir ages on its lees for a minimum of 36 months. After being disgorged à la glace, the sparkling wine is topped up with a liqueur d’expédition containing only wine from the same vintage.