Moscato Re Mida

Moscato Re Mida - Photo

Re Mida
Provincia di Pavia IGT – Moscato dolce
Sweet semi-sparkling white wine

An ancient grape that crossed the centuries: transformed by the art of men in a nectar fit for kings and gods, it always shed glory to the lands where it has been grown. Delightful aromas and the taste of juicy fruits create a symphony of sensations. A grape that adds a touch of gold to our hills.

A literary curiosity proves the tradition of the Moscato wine in the Versa Valley. Count Alberto Carlo Felice Pisani Dossi, known as Carlo Dossi (1849-1910) and born in Oltrepò Pavese, was one of the leading figures of the Scapigliatura art movement of the late XIX century. In his diary, titled “Blue Notes” and published posthumously in 1964, he wrote: “My gramps had two vices: they used to drink a lot of bottles of wine, but they also used to hide many other in secret places. In Montecalvo Versiggia they say that Donna Luigia, wife of my grandfather, hid 10.000 bottles of Moscato behind a wall in the cellars of the castle”.