Riesling Campo Dottore

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Campo Dottore
Oltrepò Pavese DOC Riesling
Still white wine from Riesling grapes

Premi Riesling Campo Dottore

The vineyard, located just in front of the main building of our estate, is named “The Doctor’s field” because it was owned by the local doctor around the middle of the 20th century.

This wine is produced from a selection of Riesling grapes, grown at an altitude of about 280 m AMSL and vinified in stainless-steel tanks.

It’s bottled in late spring and released after 40 days. It keeps its peculiar strong mineral character even in the hottest and driest vintages thanks to the wide difference in temperature between day and night and the limestone-rich soil of the vineyard.

In its young years it offers the classic notes of yellow fruits, while in later years hints of petrol slowly emerge. It goes well with light summer dishes, but it will prove a good choice even with fat fishes (avoid killer whales…). Best enjoyed at about 8 °C.

Contains sulphites.
Produced in Italy.