La FIVI incontra l'Oltrepò (Casteggio, PV - 28/10/2023)<

We will present our wines in Casteggio (PV) at the “FIVI meets Oltrepò” tasting on Saturday, October 28th 2023. The event is organised by FIVI Oltrepò Pavese in collaboration with the municipality of Casteggio and the Archaeological Civic Museum of Casteggio and Oltrepò Pavese.

The tasting, hosted in the halls of Certosa Cantù, will feature 30 FIVI (Italian Federation of Independent Winegrowers) winegrowers from Oltrepò Pavese and 10 FIVI winegrowers from FIVI Romagna and FIVI Modena-Reggio Emilia.

The tasting will be open from 03:00 PM to 07:30 PM.

The admission is by donation only (minimum donation: euro 15,00).

During the opening hours of the event you could visit a special exhibit of archaelogical finds from the Rivanazzano Terme site that are kept in the Archaeological Civic Museum of Casteggio and Oltrepò Pavese. The exhibit has been curated by Stefano Maggi, Professor of Archaeology at the University of Pavia, and his team.

The proceedings of the event will be given to the Romagna Civil Protection to help the Romagna people after the flood that has hit the region in May 2023.

Name of the event: “FIVI meets Oltrepò” tasting
When: October 28th 2023
Where: Casteggio (PV)
Location of the event: Certosa Cantù
Address: via circonvallazione Cantù, 62
Opening hours: from 03:00 PM to 07:30 PM
Admission fee: admission by donation only (minimum donation: euro 15,00)