Harvest 2020

The grape harvest is fun for all the family at Calatroni! We will open our vineyards for you every September weekend! Let’s pick up the grapes in the vineyards during the morning, then stomp them at the winery and finally, after the hard work, let’s sit all together at the table and have a great lunch!

Reservation is required and must be done through the Fareharbor website.


Schedule of each event:
10:15 am
Meeting at the winery.
We kindly ask you to be on time and to comply to the current Italian health and safety regulations.

10:30 am
Each family unit will find their own place with the harvesting kit in the vineyards.

10:45 am – 12:30 pm
– Let’s go to the vineyards!
– Picking the grapes;
– Carrying the boxes full of grapes to the winery;
– Grape stomping in the wooden vats;
– Brief wine-making lesson, tasting the must.

12:30 pm
Lunch with the winegrower at our agriturismo.

01:30 pm
Fun activities for children in the garden.

Ore 15:00
End of the experience.

The experience is suitable for adults and children of at least 3 years old.
Children must be supervised by their parents during the activities.
Please bring along a change of clothes and shoes for your children.


Here’s the grape harvest menu:

Mille-feuille of potato, dandelion and Crescenza cheese
Green pea flan with Gorgonzola cheese sauce
Duls e brüsc (boiled chicken served cold with sweet and sour sauce)
Platter of local salumiFIRST COURSES
Green gnocchi with Fassona beef ragout
Carnaroli risotto with radicchio, smoked Ricotta cheese and cooked must reduction

Potato and nettle-stuffed roasted veal served with mixed sautéed vegetables

Pomella Genovese apple tart with vanilla sauce

Coffee from the moka pot and our Bonarda Grappa

Each course is paired with one glass of our wines.

Please contact us before the event if you want to request variations to the menu: please call +39.340.6753425.


Name of the event: Grape harvest… fun with all the family!
When: every September 2020 weekend
Where: Montecalvo Versiggia (PV)
Location of the event: Calatroni winery
Address: località Casa Grande, 7
Event starts at: 10:15 am
Price: 42,00 euro (adults); 28,00 euro (children from 3 to 12 years old)
Information: +39.340.6753425
Reservations: www.fareharbor.com