Fish & Wine (Osteria del Campanile, 09/10/2020)

Join us in Torrazza Coste (PV) at Osteria del Campanile on Friday, October 9th 2020 for a new dinner of the Fish & Wine series. The fish courses of the menu will be paired with our Pinot 64 Brut and Riesling Campo Dottore 2019.

Here’s the menu:
Fried squid and bluefish with crispy vegetables and apple cider vinegar mayonnaise
Mahi mahi fish and potato soufflé with tomato and basil sauce
Green risotto with tred mullet
St Peter’s fish fillet larded with with rosemary-flavoured chestnut and blackberry sauce
Cream with Pomella Genovese apple and salted caramel

For more information and/or reservations please call +39.347.8452526.


Name of the event: Fish & Wine dinner
When: October 9th 2020
Where: Torrazza Coste (PV)
Location of the event: Osteria del Campanile
Address: via Cadelazzi, 1
Event starts at: 08:30 pm
Price: euro 40,00
Information and reservations: +39.347.8452526