Le cantine dell'Oltrepò si raccontano - Locandina

AIS Pavia has organised a series of 15 events to discover Oltrepò Pavese wineries. The first event will take place in Pavia on Thursday, January 17th 2019 at 09:00 pm at Polo Tecnologico. Special guest will be winemaker and Oltrepò Pavese expert Mario Maffi. The event will feature a tasting of wines by us and our friend wineries Defilippi, Tenuta Quvestra, Conte Vistarino, Marchese Cattaneo Adorno and Fratelli Agnes.


Name of the event: Discovering Oltrepò Pavese wineries with AIS Pavia
When: January 17th 2019
Where: Pavia
Location of the event: Polo Tecnologico
Address: via F.lli Cuzio, 42
Event starts at: 09:00 pm
Price and methods of payment: www.aislombardia.it
Information and registration: benedetto.gareri@aislombardia.it
Web: www.aislombardia.it