Our eco-friendly values and choices

"It is easy to dodge our responsibilities
but we cannot dodge the consequences
of dodging our responsibilities."

Josiah Stamp, economist

We are fully aware of the vital importance of safeguarding the environment in which we live and which offers us the basic resources to produce our wines. That’s why sustainability issues have become more and more relevant to us over the years, inspiring a set of eco-friendly choices and actions.

Vineyards management:

  • Organic management of the vineyards to protect and conserve biodiversity and to safeguard the health of the vines and the people
  • use of green manure to increase the amount of nitrogen in the soil
  • collection of rainwater to be used for the treatments
  • use of weather stations to identify the best days for the treatments and avoid waste of products
  • use of technologically advanced instruments to reduce accumulation of copper in the soil.


  • energy self-sufficiency thanks to solar panels
  • use of stainless-steel tanks more resistant and hygienic than concrete and fiberglass tanks
  • use of light-weighted bottles (less than 400 g) for still wines
  • use of Stelvin caps in recyclable aluminium
  • boxes and label in certified recyclable cardboard/paper

Restaurant service:

  • organic food raw materials supplied by local artisan farms
  • organic vegetable garden
  • water served in reusable glass bottles
  • separate waste collection
  • commitment to reduce food waste
  • use of just two glasses for the tastings in order to reduce the usage of washing machines and detergents
  • houses for birds and insects
  • commitment to raise awareness of sustainability values in our customers

We are certified organic since 2019.

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