About us

Foto Azienda Calatroni

Tradition, expertise and passion for quality since 1964.

These are the keywords of our philosopy of production. The Calatroni winery is a small, family-run winery located on the hills of the village of Montecalvo Versiggia in the Versa Valley, in the heart of Oltrepò Pavese. The winery was founded in 1964, when Luigi Calatroni, at the end of his tenant-farming contract, bought a vineyard from his former landowner. In the following years, the winery developed under the guide of Fausto and Marisa Calatroni. Now, with the third generation of vinegrowers, the experience of the tradition is enriched by the modern agronomic and oenologic techniques brought by the young brothers Cristian (37 years-old) and Stefano (32 years-old).

The constant technical improvement led to an ever-increasing quality of the grapes we grow in our own vineyards. The property vineyards (about 15 hectares) are located in Montecalvo Versiggia at an altitude varying from 180 to 320 metres above mean sea level, in an area very suited for the growing of several grapes.

We really hope that our work and passion will help raising the profile of the Oltrepò Paves as a quality wine region. Our region has a great potential, but it’s still not fully developed.



Montecalvo Versiggia, land of Pinot Noir

With its 4.100 hectares, the Oltrepò Pavese region is the third area for the production of Pinot Noir grapes worldwide. Montecalvo Versiggia is probably the Italian Comune (municipality) with the largest production of Pinot Noir grapes.The area around Montecalvo is especially suited for growing the Pinot Noir, because of the limestone composition of the soils and its favorable wide temperature range between day and night.


The charm of Riesling

The Oltrepò Pavese region is also the area with the largest production of Riesling Italico (or Welschriesling) in Italy. Nevertheless, we aimed at growing the Rheinriesling variety and we’re now proud to present you a perfectly varietal wine which shows all the peculiar features that made this noble grape renowned worldwide.